Who we are

goodcircle founders …Fred Doss and Joan Overlock

“Our careers in business development, non-profit management and consumer and BtoB marketing opened our eyes to the opportunity to change the way both individuals and businesses give back. It’s not just a question of giving, but about creating real impact in our communities.”


Joan Overlock

Good. What does it mean to me? When something is good you feel it  – it warms your whole body and makes you smile. Good is it’s own vibration, it has an energy that  bounces and spreads. Good is simple – like little acts of kindness…Or good is huge, like The Gates Foundation. I believe … Read more

Fred Doss

Good. What does it mean to me? Much is obvious but sometimes overlooked: Laugh, respect and embrace the natural world, show up, make a difference, be curious, express kindness and thanks to others, speak out when injustice is being done, really listen, enjoy – but limit the Manhattans, don’t yell at the slow driver in … Read more