Start a Good Project

Starting a project is easy to do. Whether you have a project in mind, or you need our help in identifying one, setting it up is simple and straightforward. Fill out some basic information below – include photos and videos if you have them – and we will help you develop your project. We send it to you for your input and final approval. We can assist in helping you find an appropriate NPO, or business partner. Feel free to email if you have any questions before you get started.

First, some basic information:

Everything on goodcircle must be a project.
A project has a clear end, like buying a refrigerator for a food pantry. A project will eventually be completed, and something good will happen as a result.

Who can create a project on goodcircle?
Businesses and non-profits use goodcircle to create and fund projects. Note that every project must have an NPO as a beneficiary before it can go live.

Details needed: the more you can show, the better.                                                                                       
Our goal is for you to have a successful project. The best advice we can give is, tell a story. It doesn’t have to be long, but you’ll want to include details and make a strong, compelling case for your project:

  • Add photos and, ideally, a video.
  • Be as transparent as possible. Let people know exactly what their money is being raised for and how their donation will make a difference.
  • Identify costs associated with the project. We will need a breakdown so that we can be confident that all costs to actualize the project are included. We will add goodcircle and PayPal processing fees.
  • If you are a business, identify the amount of money you are contributing (minimum and maximum) and the method by which you will make that contribution, i.e. matching grants, challenge grants, special items for sale, % of profit, etc. We can help you with this.
  • Levels of contribution you are seeking and incentives for donating.

Let’s get started!

Rules of the circlehood are simple:
No offensive material (hate speech, etc…), pornographic material or projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate.

No projects can include alcohol, tobacco or firearms as either a goal or incentive.

Fees: Goodcircle passes on standard processing fees to you, including 2.9% PayPal fee and a 7.5% fee to cover goodcircle service and administrative functions.

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