About Goodcircle

goodcircle is a digital marketing platform that connects businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations to do good together. Our mission: impact giving. When all three parties join together more good happens more quickly and with greater impact. Good is better when we do it together.

goodcircle was created by Fred Doss and Joan Overlock…

“Our careers in business development, non-profit management and consumer marketing opened our eyes to the opportunity to change the way we give. It’s not just a question of giving, but about creating real impact in our communities.

More and more businesses are looking for ways to connect with their communities – we know from experience, and research confirms, that partnering with non-profits in clever, engaging ways invites participation and goodwill among customers and employees.”

goodcircle is better way to crowdfund. When you support a good project for a good organization, a good business will contribute and make it even better. 

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How it Works

goodcircle makes every contribution worth more.

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