A brand loyalty tool for businesses

goodcircle amplifies your businesses “good works”. Many businesses give back but rarely engage their customers and employees. So the non-profit knows about it, some of the supporters of the non-profit know about it, but that’s basically it. And that’s a missed opportunity because people care about whether or not a business gives back. In fact, 90% of Millenials say that brand choice (as a purchase or employer) is affected by social responsibility.

goodcircle is a brand loyalty tool. We leverage a business’ existing social responsibility efforts to build brand loyalty. Businesses give, goodcircle brags, individuals share and contribute.

A turnkey solution for businesses

goodcircle provides content for your project page, e-blasts and social media posts, and press releases.

If your company gives back, apply to become a certified good business and be listed in our good business directory.

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