What is Goodcircle?

Goodcircle is a better way to crowdfund. When you support a good project for a good organization, a good business will contribute and make it even better.

Why just make a donation when you can be part of a better way to do good?

  1. Project Based Giving. What you see is what they get. And what they get makes a visible, meaningful difference..
  2. Good Business Partners. Your donations go further and do more because each project brings a commitment to contribute from a socially responsible business. 
  3. Vetted & Verified. Before a business or organization becomes part of our goodcircle community we make sure that they meet the highest standards of transparency with a proven track record..(Our criteria is listed in FAQs.)

 Good is better when we do it together

How it works

goodcircle makes every contribution worth more.

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