Perfect Earth Project: Protect Our Pets

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East Hampton, NY, USA

Thank you to Marders, Bulgin & Associates and the individuals who helped fund this project. Your pets thank you and the environment thanks you.

Perfect Earth Project, along with Marders and Bulgin & Associates,  is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of synthetic lawn and landscape chemicals to our pets, and to educate both homeowners and landscape professionals on effective, alternative PRFCT (toxin-free) practices that yield great results, with no harmful effect to pets….or the planet.

Did you know that many common lawn chemicals; such as 2,4D are linked to canine lymphoma and bladder cancer? Or that they affect your cat’s liver, kidneys, GI tract and muscles?  HELP US SPREAD THE WORD and educate more people about the “hidden” consequences of lawn and garden chemicals. Please donate to the Prfct Earth awareness campaign.


How this project makes a difference

Perfect Earth Project needs your support to launch an awareness campaign focused on protecting our pets, who are particularly vulnerable to exposure. Pets lay in grass, and nibble, lick and groom their fur. Chemicals are absorbed through skin, paws, belly, nose and eyes, entering directly into the bloodstream. They are carried into homes and persist in rugs and furniture.

This project will fund the launch of our campaign via an art quality poster by artist Judith Hudson to vets, shelters, groomers and other animal care centers. The more we raise the alarm about the dangers of lawn and landscape chemicals and the more we learn about simple, safe alternatives, the healthier our pets will be!

All donors at the $30 level or above will be sent a poster, we ask that you take it to your local vet, doggie day-care, library, or school and ask it to be hung wherever our message will reach the most pet-lovers.

Clover and Olive thank you for your donation!

Good people. Good business.

About the Artist – Judith Hudson

Judith Hudson has excelled in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, video art, books, and jewelry. Her work, endowed with a deep sense of humor, grows increasingly popular on the commercial market. Her work is in the collection at the Parrish Museum and at Guild Hall.

“Living in Amagansett, one feels close to nature, and it is impossible not to see the ravages of over cultivation and the effects on the ecosystem. The massive spraying is not working to stop the ticks; it makes things worse. There is collateral damage to pollinators like bees and butterflies, flowers, birds, fish, pets and children especially, but all systems are affected. Perfect Earth Project approaches the problem by trying to understand natural systems, not fight them. I support all these efforts.” 

Thank you!
This project ended 08/31/2018 and raised a total of $7,475
  • Judy Schneider

  • Jenni Muldaur

    One lawn at a time!!

  • David Maupin

  • Anne Templeton $1000.00

  • Jane Rose $100

  • mary ann eddy $25

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  • Erika Shank $50

    No more pesticides!

  • Marders $2500

  • Bulgin & Associates $2500

  • Perfect Earth Project

    Perfect Earth Project promotes toxin-free lawns and landscapes for the health of people, their pets, and the planet. We look to a day when it is taken for granted that all land is managed without toxic chemicals and is safe for people, pets and the planet; when every landowner, no matter how small, is aware of their role in a larger process, and the landscape industry fully realizes its capacity as a powerful community of educated land stewards.

  • Marders

    From its beginnings, Marders has been committed to chemical-free, organic growing and land management practice. Marders has 42 years experience installing landscape designed created by local and international architects – many of whom insist on us for their projects. We have a complete Property Care service, a new hybrid compost product as well as unique turf grass seed blends developed in our own lab and a wide variety of Annuals and Perennials, we offer design upon request. We have a soil scientist on staff ready to help you solve those recurring turf problems and our horticulturists are on hand ready to answer your questions and make suggestions.

  • Bulgin & Associates

    High end residential construction.