You’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer. Now What?

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East Hampton, New York, USA

Join forces with Hampton Jitney to

Fighting Chance is a cancer support agency that provides free services to those in need on the East End of Long Island. For anyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer or had a loved one with cancer you know the shock and myriad questions that need answers…. everything from where to get the best treatment, to how to manage finances, to logistics regarding radiation and chemotherapy and so much in between. Some patients, with complicated or late stage cancers, need to go to New York City for treatment, or to participate in clinical trials. The trip is arduous. That’s where we come in. This goodcircle project will provide Hampton Jitney round trip transportation to New York City in comfort and ease for cancer patients and their primary caregiver.

How this project makes a difference

Many of those afflicted have complicated or rare forms of cancer, or are diagnosed at a late stage, needing the specialty services of research hospitals based in New York City. Each year approximately 50 clients of Fighting Chance fall into this category. Generally, they can’t make the trip alone and must be accompanied by a caregiver. This goodcircle project will help 50 patients along with their caregiver get to and from New York City for treatment.

Our Goal

The total cost of this project is $6,460 including 200 Hampton Jitney tickets, volunteer pick up to and from the Hampton Jitney, and fees. Hampton Jitney is funding $4,000 of the cost. That means we need your help to raise the remaining $2,460. By partnering with Hampton Jitney and Fighting Chance, you will help people have a fighting chance against cancer. Join the circlehood!

Thank you!
This project ended 09/12/2014 and raised a total of $17,625
  • Fighting Chance

    Fighting Chance is the first free-of-charge cancer counseling and resource center of its kind established on the East End of Long Island, New York. It is independent from any hospital and funded solely by charitable contributions, providing patients and their caregivers a better chance- a fighting chance – to beat cancer by helping them to take informed action. Free access to a variety of resources and professional counseling is available from the time of diagnosis through treatment and survivorship.

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  • Hampton Jitney

    Hampton Jitney is a pioneer in the transportation field. In 1974, Hampton Jitney started with one van and a commitment to providing the finest personalized transportation service between Eastern Long Island (The Hamptons) and Metropolitan New York. Building on that simple premise, Hampton Jitney now operates a fleet of luxury motor coaches and limousines. Hundreds of thousands of people now travel each year in style and comfort, safely and on time via Hampton Jitney. Our luxury motor coach line service operates 365 days a year between Eastern Long Island and Metro New York (including the airports). In addition, Hampton Jitney limousines, charters and tour coaches operate regularly throughout the northeastern US and Canada.

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