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East Hampton, NY, USA

Join forces with Men At Work Construction to provide access to fresh, organic food for working families

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer. With an abundance of farm stands selling the most healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables, one would think everyone could partake in this abundance. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

For many working people, this bounty is inaccessible, because the extra cost of high quality organic produce is just beyond the family budget. In addition, extended workdays make it difficult to access local farm stands and fresh markets.

A low cost Working Family CSA can change that. The Food Pantry Farm CSA Pilot Program will test a membership based CSA for local families and will operate weekly throughout the summer growing season. The Food Pantry Farm CSA will:

  • provide a plentiful supply of high quality locally grown, fresh, organic vegetables each week
  • be open for pick up after regular working hours
  • be staffed by a young organic farmer/ food educator
  • provide information, instruction and print materials as well as online resources covering food
  • preparation, cooking skills, recipes, suggested menus, and nutritional insights.

How this project makes a difference

this pilot program seeks to remove barriers to better nutrition and wellness for all members of our diverse east end community.
The total cost of this project is $21,000 which includes a seasonal employee and housing for 24 weeks, education plans, and collateral materials, planting and harvesting costs, community outreach and organization to establish the program. Longer term, the goal is to make this program a self-sustaining initiative.

Men at Work Corp. has most generously agreed to match every donation, dollar for dollar, until the project is funded. Thank you Men at Work for helping working families.

Thank you!
This project ended 04/02/2016 and raised a total of $28,300
  • Share the Harvest Farm

    Food Pantry Farm is a non-profit organization based in East Hampton, NY whose mission is to grow and donate fresh, organic produce to local food pantries and other East End organizations serving those in need. Their mission is to increase access to healthy, locally sourced products, and to raise understanding and awareness about hunger on the East End of Long Island. It was founded in response to the increasing number of East Hampton residents who were turning to local food pantries for help.

    Learn more here.

  • Men At Work Construction

    Since 1983, Men at Work Construction Corp. has been building homes on the East End of Long Island.

    Each project is monitored on-site by one of the three founding partners, each of whom was born and raised on the East End. The company’s exemplary reputation is based on quality of the product and its embrace of new, efficient technologies, materials and environmentally sound applications. This project personally resonated with the founding partners:

    “Everything is important to us about this community. I didn’t grow up thinking the way I do now about healthy food but my kids have helped enlighten me. I like the idea of other people being enlightened in the same way I have by being educated about and getting access to good food,” he said. “It’s a lesson that will take them through the rest of their lives.” – Bill Costello co-founder

    Check out the company’s portfolio and learn more.