She’s Possible – Transformation Through Triathlon

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East End, NY, USA

CONGRATULATIONS to the i-tri girls on your triathlon! Thank you to Hampton Jitney, Saunders and all who contributed... together, we raised $37,588 to fund the girls summer training and support their journey to the finish line!

At a critical age for self-esteem building, i-tri works with middle school girls to tap into their remarkable potential by training for the Hamptons Youth Triathlon. Over the course of a few short months, i-tri girls will go from thinking “I can’t”,  to knowing “I can”.

Many of the i-tri girls will learn to swim and ride a bike for the first time! This requires not just volunteers but certified professional instructors in swimming, running and cycling.

The focus of this goodcircle project is to fund the girl’s summer training, including professional trainers’ fees and their transportation to training. i-tri ensures that all coaches are trained and certified in their specialties, and that they offer the consistency needed to form relationships with the girls, acting as mentors and friends. The program is completely free to all girls selected.

How this project makes a difference

More important than the journey in miles is the journey the participants take to find their voice.

“The best part for me is seeing the changes in my daughter — she has become more confident and able to express herself. This is a program that has opened doors for her and helped her to foster good friendships.” – i-tri Parent


Our Goal

This year the program will support more girls than ever –  140 girls from Montauk to Mastic Beach. The total cost of their summer training is $38,470.00. That includes the cost of the certified instructors, transportation and fees. Thanks to the continued support of Hampton Jitney, we only need your help to raise $11,700 – roughly  $84.00 per girl to ensure that each participant gets the training and transportation they need. You can help by donating here, sharing this project on your social media pages and helping to spread the word. Together we can show 140 middle school girls what is possible.

Good people. Good business.

More girls from more locations in more towns means more transport and greater logistics. Hampton Jitney has very generously agreed to provide transportation to training at no charge to i-tri! They are donating 4 buses, a team of drivers driving 8 hours a day, over more than 2300 miles… all for the love of community. Thank you Hampton Jitney!

Hampton Jitney 2015

A tremendous thank you to Jennifer Wilson and a matching gift from Saunder’s & Associates, East Hampton. Their combined contribution of $5,000 is invaluable to these girls who learn so much about inclusion, wellness, perseverance and how to take care of the whole self through the i-tri program!

Thank you!
This project ended 07/23/2017 and raised a total of $37,588
  • France & Stephan $221.1

    Memory of JM Taverneau

  • Jason Gonzalez $55.5

  • Hilary Woodward

  • Susan Bartholomew $55.5

    Shannon Bartholomew

  • Elizabeth Florence

  • John and LIndsay Landes

  • Andrea Grover $55.5

    For Gigi & Sarah

  • Christine & Pascale $110.7

  • Laurie C. Gordon $1104.3

  • DoDo $27.9

  • Katie Garvin $55.5

  • Saunders & Associates $2500.00

  • Jen Wilson $2500.00

  • Diana Howard $94.14

  • Youna Et Christophe

    En mémoire de Jean-Marie

  • John Andrews $250

  • Marcia Schwartz $100

  • Carol Ostrow $250

  • susan Penzner $100

  • Thibaut & Emilie $1000

    In Memory of JM Taverneau

  • The Houghton Family $500

  • Amy Tarr

  • Laurie Becker

  • France Posener $250

  • Susy Kramer

  • Susy Kramer

  • max and tina plesset

  • Judi Caron

  • John Gicking

  • hannah overlock

  • Hampton Jitney $26775

  • i-tri

    i-tri is an intensive, multifaceted program, led by professional coaches, nutritionists and educators, that focuses on building self-esteem, athletic training, family outreach and nutrition classes. At an age at which they are often confronted with difficult life choices, i-tri girls are taught to believe in themselves and their peers. They learn to reach inward to find their own strengths and to help others find theirs. Through the program’s rich and comprehensive approach, the girls discover that it’s not only about getting to the finish line, but what you learn and who you become along the way. The program is offered free-of-charge to every participant.

    Learn more here.

  • Hampton Jitney

    Hampton Jitney is a pioneer in the transportation field. In 1974, Hampton Jitney started with one van and a commitment to providing the finest personalized transportation service between Eastern Long Island (The Hamptons) and Metropolitan New York. Building on that simple premise, Hampton Jitney now operates a fleet of luxury motor coaches and limousines. Hundreds of thousands of people now travel each year in style and comfort, safely and on time via Hampton Jitney. Our luxury motor coach line service operates 365 days a year between Eastern Long Island and Metro New York (including the airports). In addition, Hampton Jitney limousines, charters and tour coaches operate regularly throughout the northeastern US and Canada.

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