Hurricane Harvey Relief for Seniors

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Houston, Texas, USA

Tivity Health is matching donations!

For many seniors, sorting through disaster recovery is a daunting task with many moving parts unique to their lifestyles.

Tivity Health, through their flagship program, Silver Sneakers in conjunction with Health eVillages, is leading this fundraising effort to support the special needs of seniors in coming back from Hurricane Harvey. To kick off this project, Health eVillages and The Tramuto Foundation have each donated $5,000, and Tivity Health will match the first $50,000 donated.

How this project makes a difference

All proceeds raised through the effort will be distributed to relief organizations assisting individuals 65 and older in Texas and Louisiana.

Older adults are particularly vulnerable due to challenges such as limited access to transportation, difficulty performing home repairs, fixed incomes, pre-existing health conditions, increased sensitivity to environmental pollutants, susceptibility to fraud and scams, and social isolation.

Good people. Good business.

“While Tivity Health has access to a network of members, partner locations, clients and aging organizations in the area, Health eVillages and the Tramuto Foundation have experience providing services to underserved areas. Together, I believe we can make a difference for a segment of the population that will experience unique challenges during the Harvey recovery.” – Donato Tramuto, CEO of Tivity Health, President and Founder of Health eVillages and Founder, Tramuto Foundation.

Thank you!
This project ended 11/03/2017 and raised a total of $0
  • Health eVillages

    “Healthcare is a right for every single person, rich or poor. And yet one billion people will go to their graves prematurely never having seen a healthcare official. At Health eVillages, we are not here to delay death, we are here to extend life.”
    – Donato Tramuto, Founder, Health eVillages

    Founded in 2011 in partnership with RFK Human Rights and Aptus Health, Health eVillages originally launched pilots in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. The impact of Health eVillages was immediately realized as we received initial reports of doctors and nurses using the technology and medical software to make informed life-saving decisions.
    With the support of Tivity Health and Sharecare, we have since expanded into seven countries and deployed over 400 content-enabled mobile devices worldwide. It is our belief that by delivering technology, facilitating access and empowering providers, we can help “heal the villages” and forever move the needle on global healthcare.
    Our mission is empowering healthcare providers to improve global health and well-being through the delivery of mobile technology and community-focused solutions, extending life with dignity and purpose.

  • Tramuto Foundation

    HEARING HUMAN NEED: This isn’t just what we do. We believe it’s our duty as citizens of the world. Attuned to people and the challenges they face, be it here in Maine, or across oceans, our goal is to make resources available to individuals and communities in need through collaborative partnerships.