“Catch.” ” Swing.” “Run.”

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East Hampton, New York, USA

Join forces with Hampton Racquet, Smart Sports Surfacing to get more kids moving

Supporting a child’s natural yearning for physical activity can lead to a lifetime of happy and healthy living. When we joyfully teach children to engage in healthy exercise we give them a gift that will endure throughout their lives. This goodcircle project will fund a Junior Sports Field for the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center. The space will facilitate basketball, soccer and junior tennis for 3, 4, and 5 year olds. By the time a child reaches Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten age, they are generally prepared for organized activities, including ball games and manipulating through challenging obstacle courses designed to test agility, focus, self-control, and stamina. For many children attending The Center, this represents their only opportunity for this type of physical encouragement and engagement.


How this project makes a difference

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends that “…ALL young children be involved in a variety of age-appropriate physical activities, beginning at birth, to develop their motor skills and spark a life-long willingness and ability to exercise.” The President’s Council on Physical Fitness has identified that children need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a day at least 5 days a week. Connecting mind and body builds confidence, stronger self-esteem, more energy, and better memory in addition to healthy bones, muscles and joints. The focus of the space, which will be located in the front yard of The Center bordering the John Marshall Elementary School, is a concrete platform that will be resurfaced to serve as both a tennis and basketball court, leaving room on the lawn for a junior soccer field.

**Costs include:

  • Fencing-in the space
  • Flags for the fence to make the outside of The Center more child friendly and inviting.
  • 2 tennis nets; 20 racquets; tennis balls
  • 2 basketball hoops and padded poles; 16 junior basketballs
  • 4 pop up soccer goals; 16 junior soccer balls
  • Small locker to store the equipment
  • Pop-up tent for shade
  • Benches; water jugs; red pinnies; mesh bags for balls
  • Cones; spots; teaching aids including whistles
  • Painting the sport surface

Our Goal

The total cost of this project is $17,140**, which includes all administrative and credit card fees. Hampton Racquet has very generously agreed to match donations, dollar for dollar, and Smart Sport Surfacing will donate the cost of resurfacing the space, leaving $7,140 to be funded. And that’s where we need your help. It’s easy to donate: select the amount you wish to contribute and click. Hampton Racquet is offering great giveaways. And remember, for the next 30 days, every dollar will be matched by Hampton Racquet 1 for 1 until the goal is reached. That means each $10.00 donation is really worth $20.00; $50.00 is worth $100.00 and so on. Thank you Hampton Racquet!

Thank you!
This project ended 03/14/2015 and raised a total of $17,326
  • Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center

    The center provides a rich early learning experience to more than 100 children every day, offering them the opportunity to explore their worlds, to be guided as they make new discoveries, to gain important literary skills that will help them as they progress through school. And help them to forge bonds with other children, their teachers and the community.

  • Hampton Racquet

    Hampton Racquet is an inviting, family-owned boutique tennis club offering individual and family memberships, adult clinics, summer camps and philanthropic charity events. The club’s 13 Hard-Tru courts and clubhouse are situated in a picturesque country setting at 172 Buckskill Road in the heart of East Hampton, NY.

    The club has created a unique tennis experience for all players, regardless of their age or level of play. Hampton Racquet promotes a country club feel with the spirit of community. Patrons experience a truly inspired and unique environment to play and grow together.

    Learn more here.

  • Smart Sports Surfacing

    A family owned local business building tennis courts, basketball courts, tracks and more for over 30 years. Principal, Joe Murphy, has 34 years experience in the tennis court, running track and basketball court construction. Smart Sports Surfacing handles all facets of construction. Highest quality standards have helped Smart Sports Surfacing to be named Tennis Industry Magazine’s prestigious ‘Court Of The Year’ award in 2000.

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