Can A Hot Dog Really Make A Kid Feel Special?

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New York City, New York, USA

Join forces with to help create the experience of a lifetime as a reward of positive behavior for NYC youth

Most Valuable Kids NYC helps children’ youth social service agencies obtain high value spectator sports and cultural event tickets for reward and recognition of positive behavior in the children they serve. The sights, sounds and SMELLS are all part of the experience. And any kid who GOES to a game quickly becomes aware how much a hot dog, pretzel and a soda can round out the experience. But with 92% of MVK ticket beneficiary families on food assistance programs, even a simple arena hot dog is unaffordable. This good circle project changes that.

How this project makes a difference

Access to these college games has a tremendous impact on the lives of the kids MVK works with. For these deserving children, the opportunity to attend and enjoy sporting events enhances their self-esteem and brings to life the merits of determination, personal discipline and philanthropy – while creating memories that last a lifetime. MVK works hard not to make kids feel marginalized. Being able to share in the complete experience – “a game and a hot dog” – helps to ensure that goal is met.

Our Goal

This MVK good circle is raising money to purchase 4,500 food vouchers: 1 for each donated ticket to the 2015 Atlantic-10 Basketball Championship taking place at Barclays Center March 11 – 15, 2015. MVK has teamed with A-10 for this exciting event. Donated tickets are allocated to kids in need as a reward and recognition for achievement and positive behavior. But the donation is for the ticket only, leaving kids with no ability to supplement and enhance that positive experience with a meal. The A-10 has generously agreed to help change that by announcing a gift that matches every $5.50 donated, with a food voucher worth $11.00. That’s virtually a 1 to 1 match. Thank you to our benefactors! Total value of this project is $52,920, which includes 4500 meal vouchers, and all fees. We need to crowd fund $28,16 the difference between the amount of funds needed for all 4500 vouchers and the gift from the project benefactors.

Thank you!
This project ended 03/09/2015 and raised a total of $28,344
  • Most Valuable Kids

    MVK helps to foster academic achievement and positive social behavior in underprivileged and at risk children by reallocating unused event tickets to participating social service agencies for use as a reward system for the children they serve. Most Valuable Kids (MVK) operates with the simple premise that reward and recognition for positive behavior can be a strong motivator for children to repeat that behavior. Most Valuable Kids of Greater New York, Inc. (MVKNY) is in its 9th year of operation and has collected and distributed 100,000 event tickets to recipient charities with a face value of more than $5 million. How good is that! That’s more than 100,000 opportunities to put a smile on a deserving child’s face.

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