The Viscardi Center

The Viscardi Center, a network of non-profit organizations, provides a lifespan of services that educate, employ and empower people with disabilities. Its programs and services include Pre-K through High School education, school-to-work transition services, vocational training, career counseling and placement and workforce diversification assistance to children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities and businesses. By partnering with Smile Farms to create a campus on The Viscardi Center’s property, we are fulfilling our missions: providing educational programs, vocational training and work opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Viscardi Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, employing & empowering children and adults with disabilities. Founded over sixty years ago by Dr. Henry Viscardi, Jr. who himself wore prosthetic legs and became one of the world’s leading advocates for people with disabilities, as well as a disability advisor to U.S. eight presidents, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter, The Viscardi Center is a network of non-profit organizations that provides a lifespan of services for children and adults with disabilities. It is a hub for leading edge approaches to education and employment and pro-active efforts that aim to shape and influence policy changes that will benefit the people it serves.

Cause categories: education
201 I.U. Willets Rd
Albertson NY 11507
Website: The Viscardi Center
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