National Meningitis Association

NMA began in 2002 as a handful of parents whose families experienced the devastating impact of meningococcal disease. It was only after our experiences that we learned the disease is vaccine-preventable. Over the years, this small group grew into a national organization that advocates for meningococcal disease awareness and prevention.

When NMA was founded, there was little public knowledge about meningococcal disease. Also, at that time, vaccination was not recommended, and an organized support structure for affected families did not exist.

Much has changed since NMA was founded:

  • Vaccination is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for all preteens and teens as well as those of other ages with risk factors for the disease.
  • Many states now require vaccination for adolescents; others require that families and college students be educated about prevention.
  • Vaccination rates have climbed steadily in recent years while disease incidence has declined.
  • Vaccines are now available and permissively recommended for teens and young adults to protect against serogroup B disease

NMA is proud to have played a role in increasing meningococcal disease awareness and vaccination rates.

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