Health eVillages

“Healthcare is a right for every single person, rich or poor. And yet one billion people will go to their graves prematurely never having seen a healthcare official. At Health eVillages, we are not here to delay death, we are here to extend life.”
– Donato Tramuto, Founder, Health eVillages

Founded in 2011 in partnership with RFK Human Rights and Aptus Health, Health eVillages originally launched pilots in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. The impact of Health eVillages was immediately realized as we received initial reports of doctors and nurses using the technology and medical software to make informed life-saving decisions.
With the support of Tivity Health and Sharecare, we have since expanded into seven countries and deployed over 400 content-enabled mobile devices worldwide. It is our belief that by delivering technology, facilitating access and empowering providers, we can help “heal the villages” and forever move the needle on global healthcare.
Our mission is empowering healthcare providers to improve global health and well-being through the delivery of mobile technology and community-focused solutions, extending life with dignity and purpose.

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